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        Although Armed Forces Supply has only had its doors open for 5 years now, we have been accumulating unique and common surplus items for the past two decades. With diligent management and loyal customers, we proudly stand the largest surplus supplier in all of South Texas. We have thousands of surplus and retail items alike, in stock, with a diverse variety. With so much to chose from, any shopper will surely find what they need and, possibly, what they can't live without.

     We stock all of the usual Army/Navy goods such as uniforms, canteens, and boots. However, what sets us apart from every other surplus store, is our selection of new and used military aircraft parts, military vehicles and equipment, as well as industrial goods such as machinery, tools, medical equipment, restaurant equipment, and much more!


9218 Converse Business Lane, Converse, TX 78109

210-566-3300 / 210-658-2244 Fax